Bhutan is a wonderful place to visit – the landscape is breathtaking, architecture is unique and in harmony with the landscape, and the art is creative with a link between the past and the future. Bhutan is also a place to experience a very different way of living – Buddhism is integrated into the Bhutanese culture at all levels and the positive impacts are evidence.

Sky Travels allowed me enjoy my trip to the fullest – attention to details was a time saver; emergency preparedness and knowledge meant care was provided promptly and of high quality; well thought out scheduling maximized our experiences on site; and accommodations provided were comfortable and memorable.

My special thanks to our guide Karma and his team. They took care of us through some very difficult conditions. And they always showed good humility and with strong fortitude. They are knowledgeable, capable, and tireless. I highly recommend Sky Travels for anyone planning a trip to Bhutan.

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