In March of 2017 I was very blessed to have experienced a trip to Bhutan with Sky Travels. I’m from the Bay Area, California and as you can imagine there was a lot of new experiences to be had!

The lodging was always wonderful, food was excellent but what really set my experience apart was the level of kindship and open heartedness we encountered by every single guide; they quickly become our patient friends.

One moment joking about how they think I should try yak milk because I ask so many questions (with mischievous smiles), to teaching me greetings Dzongkha (which I probably was terrible at), singing Karaoke in town (my request), helping us negotiate because Americans are terrible at it, sharing meals and teaching us cultural lessons passed down from Buddhism or specific to Bhutan historically.

Beyond the love they have for those under their care and the protectiveness, patience they clearly exhibit you’ll be honored to unique glimpses into Bhutanese life and honored with behind the scenes tours because this company is well connected and honored by just about all the folks that have influence wherever you are.

Please be sure to honor the privilege they grant and be humble for the life changing experience you have!

Finally, just to illustrate what kind of people work at Sky Travels… Our last night in Bhutan it snowed and despite promises this snow stuck.. On schedule the team loaded the vans and luggage and all of us headed to the Paro Airport. At that time most other companies would have said “see ya friends” they had served their time and were probably exhausted and ready to see their families. Instead, Tshering from Aky Travels kept the vans waiting nearby in case all flights were canceled; which indeed they were…. did I meantion the storm was so severe that the power in the whole town was out/very rare. So they loaded us back onto the bus and took us back to the same fancy hotel we’d just came from and arrange for about 30 of us to have lodging unexpectedly!

So we spent a magical day high up in the himmilayans, snowed in, at a hotel which had generators they used for meals, we played games and at night used candles to light the way, snowball fights in the from all day. They made what could have been a day stuck in a relatively very small airport a surprise day of joy, connectedness and friendship. That’s integrity!

Did I mean room you’re soul will be enriched by the various monestaries, convents, temples, shrines many of which are ancient.

I am still so blessed to have gone and I sometimes wonder how I could have deserved such an experience in this life.

Highly, highly recommend.

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