What an incredible journey. We had the privilege of visiting Bhutan and being guided through the country by Tsering, Karma, and their incredible team. From the moment we landed, Tsering made sure to make us feel welcome and at home in this wonderful country. The culture of Buddhism, of caring for both people and environment, is truly unique.

The Soi Yak-Sa Trek was like nothing I had ever experienced. The mountains, the architecture, the food, the scenery, it was all – sometimes literally – breathtaking. A special shout out to Karma, who spent a week guiding us on this trek and was gracious in both good times and in the face of an injury from a member of our crew.

Sky Travels was fantastic and the trip was made all the better for the care and attention the team gave us. I can easily say Bhutan is one of the most incredible places I’ve ever visited, but even more so that Sky Travels is one of the best tour companies to experience it with. If you’re visiting Bhutan, visit with Sky Travels.

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