Three times visiting and exploring Bhutan was indeed precious journeys for me. Witnessing such beautiful country with their people that is still very rich in culture and values, was one of the precious experience…. not to mention the inner journey I experienced since the first time i landed my feet in Paro airport until the end of the trip and the journey continue until now… So many beautiful views to see and remember but also so many lessons and values brought back to apply in my daily life. It was such an unforgetable journeys.
Thank you Tshering for those three amazing trips which were full with joy and deep insights.

***honestly i found it was so hard to describe what I experienced in a paragraph with my limited vocabulary…

Bottomline, go experience yourself, your own journey and choose the right and experienced travel agent which will take care not only accommodation but the one which show you more beyond the beautiful look of Bhutan… but the values and the teachings that embodieds in their people’s life there… Let it be your eye and heart opener trip which leads to life transforming journey 🙏

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