Tshering went above and beyond to guide our group on a remote pilgrimage to places not easily accessible in Bhutan–along with a fantastic team of drivers for the bus and van and a team of incredibly talented cooks! The team are johnny on the spot when you need anything and we even had homemade cakes, biscuits and tea in remote areas. As an art history major with a strong interest in Tibetan Buddhism, I especially appreciate Tshering’s encyclopedic knowledge of all the temples and his ability to lecture on the paintings and statues we’re seeing and tell the story of each one. Tsering has all the right connections to get permission to enter temples not everyone is allowed to go, provided everyone in the group is respectful and appropriately dressed. He even brought us to the home of a highly respected Buddhist teacher. He’s also an enthusiastic bird watcher and we stopped to see gorgeous birds! Our trip was perfect from beginning to end!

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